Frequently Asked Questions

Please let us know if you have any other questions and we will add them to the list!

Will there be pits?

Yes, the pits arrangements are not under any restriction – and back to pre-pandemic normality.  However, it should not need to be said that social distancing where possible is simply polite and respectful to others, so please be conscious of other people – even in the outdoors.

What about bike washing?

Jet washing area is back and there is plenty of room this time (much more than 2019).  There are ICB containers for water and these will  be topped up.  If you can bring your own water it will save queuing 

What are the arrangements for sign-on?

Queueing for sign-on will follow social distancing guidelines (2m gaps)We will not be asking you to physically sign against your name or show your licence. Volunteers will simply tick you off on their list and hand you a sealed race pack containing numbers, timing chip, safety pins and a pit-pass wrist band 

After racing, chips should be removed and placed in the buckets just before exiting the course. PLEASE do not leave the course area with your timing chip.

How will practice sessions work ?

As per the race schedule, there are dedicated, short, practice session. You must keep moving forwards at all times during practice, otherwise congestion will build up.

You must not attempt to access the course at any other time and if marshals or commissaires observe any deviation from these instructions, commissaires are entitled to disqualify you, to delay the start of a race or cancel a specific race as required.

Is the 80% rule going to be used for races?

As a National event on Saturday, the Commissaires will decide – at the event – whether the 80% rule will be used to withdraw riders if there’s a risk that the front of the race could be compromised.   The 80% rule will be in force for ALL the SUNDAY events. Riders must withdraw when requested by Commissaires. 

How will call-up, gridding and the race start work?

Gridding will be done prior to each race in normal pre-pandemic ways, but riders are encouraged to wear face masks should they wish – optional, but are recommended during gridding.   Helpers are once again permitted near the start area to collect clothing. 

Will gazebos etc be allowed anywhere on site?

In the car park, please be considerate of your neighbours. There is plenty of parking but if you spread out too much it means that people get further from the race area! 

Can I camp overnight?

We have ample parking for more vehicles than this event will ever need. But please pay attention to parking marshals and helpers.

The event venue costs mean we MUST charge £3 per vehicle per day for parking. If you can’t display your parking ticket, you will need to detour onto a ‘last minute loop’ to get out of the way of other vehicles whilst you buy your parking ticket online. Buy your tickets below.

What about parking?

Campers, Caravans, Tents etc are all allowed this year. Please see this page as you MUST BOOK AND PAY 

What are my obligations if I show Coronavirus symptoms?

By choosing to attend the event, every competitors is confirming that they have not developed any Covid-19 symptoms (fever, continuous cough or loss of taste and smell) in the run-up to the event. By attending the event under such circumstances, people would be putting others at risk.  

Every competitor and supporter travelling to the event should undertake a self-assessment and, if any concerns, take a PCR or Lateral Flow test before travelling to the event.

Will there be toilets, showers and catering at the venue?

Toilets will be provided on site, and queueing will still follow social distancing guidelines. Each toilet will have a separate queue and hand sanitising station. We request that hands are sanitised both before and after using the facilities.  There will be some toilets provided close to the gridding area for use by riders only pre-race.

Showers are in a portable unit that was surprisingly good last time (2019) !!

Catering is by Mansergh Hall Farm Hog Roast – with veggie options and breakfast too in the morning.  Extra tea and coffee from our old friends CoffeeBug.

We are hoping to have some other traders on site and these will all have their own social distancing arrangements.

How will you know who is on site for Track & Trace purposes?

We will be able to contact all riders, should we need to, through British Cycling’s entry system.  Any other attendees can be contacted through the parking system. 

Will there be podium / prize-giving?

Yes, we’re back on with normal podium presentations, thankfully!  Please don’t go anywhere after your race – the podium is really close to the finish. Support all the category winners!