Course Map 


The map here describes the course and facilities for the race.

The Course


The course can be described as 

  • Compact 
    We favour a course design where almost the entire lap of the circuit is visible from a couple of key spectator points – including most of the course being visible from the commentary point
  • Fast / flowy
    Come rain or shine (and contrary to popular belief, we do get a good chunk of sun up in South Lakeland), the surfaces mean we can put on a course that will flow fast and powerful riders will have plenty of opportunities to put down the hammer. 
  • Tough
    Did you think you were getting away with it that easily?  There’s nasty banks, cambers and run-ups to go at in this great venue. Yes, we’re making the most of them.
  • Fair 
    There won’t be any long grass nonsense with just one racing line. Full width course with the full width properly ride-able. 
  • Accessible
    The pit and wash area are open, clear, and well away from the commentary / fan zone so we can hear Matt above the jet washers.   But it’s easy to access from the car parking area. And there’s water right there. 45 seconds ride to the gridding area.


  • Course is ~2900 metres.
  • Flat out’ in good conditions will be roughly a 6 minutes 30 second effort (dry), and nearer 8 mins 30 (wet) for the fastest riders. 
  • start to pits 1: – about 20% of lap time
  • pit 1 to pit 2: – 45% of lap time
  • pit 2 to pit 1:  – 55% of lap time


Strava’s guesstimated ~110ft (33m) of elevation per lap seems about right. The ascent / descent comes from a combination of:

  • run-ups with no chance of riding
  • two run/ride ups depending on skills, course conditions.
  • cambered slight descents
  • fast, good surface climbs
  • one fast, good surface descent
  • a number of short, heavy, grass climbs – c. 15 seconds each.

The land is well-drained but like anywhere, when it gets wet, it gets sticky. That means that the fine stone on some of the hard-surfaces could get pulled into your bike if it’s muddy. 



We have ample parking for more vehicles than this event will ever need. But please pay attention to parking marshals and helpers. 

The event costs mean we MUST charge £3 per vehicle per day for parking. If you can’t display your parking ticket, you will need to detour onto a ‘last minute loop’ to get out of the way of other vehicles whilst you buy your parking ticket online.  Buy your tickets below.

Pits Water

Plenty is available in the wash area, but it will save queueing if you bring your own. The venue is flat and easy to get gear to the wash area. 


A portable gas-powered shower unit is on site, with separate male and female entrances, 3 cubicles each, and it’s actually quite nice. Use it and keep it clean, please. 

Overnight campers, caravans, tents

Strictly by advance payment and ticket only. We get charged by the venue for every vehicle on site overnight, and we need you to pay to stay overnight on the grounds. There are portable toilets and drinking water, but no electricity or waste disposal, so please be prepared to take waste off site.

If you want better services, there’s a campsite less than half a mile from the venue, with serviced pitches. It’s not pricey!   More here.