Course Map and GPS Trace


The map here describes the course and facilities for the race.



The Course


The course can be described as 

  • Compact 
    We favour a course design where almost the entire lap of the circuit is visible from a couple of key spectator points – including most of the course being visible from the commentary point
  • Fast / flowy
    Come rain or shine (and contrary to popular belief, we do get a good chunk of sun up in South Lakeland), the surfaces mean we can put on a course that will flow fast and powerful riders will have plenty of opportunities to put down the hammer. 
  • Tough
    Did you think you were getting away with it that easily?  There’s nasty banks, cambers and run-ups to go at in this great venue. Yes, we’re making the most of them.
  • Fair and Covid-friendly
    There won’t be any long grass nonsense with just one racing line. Full width course with the full width properly ride-able.  The self-service pit with no bike was brings problems, but the course has been adapted and there are substantial lengths of gravel tracks to shake-clean your bike, as much as is possible


  • Course is ~2900 metres.
  • Flat out’ in good conditions – last year’s similar course record (male) was a 6 minutes 40 second effort (dry), and nearer 8 mins 20 (wet). 
  • start to pits 1: – about 10% of lap time
  • pit 1 to pit 2: – 45% of lap time
  • pit 2 to pit 1:  – 55% of lap time


Strava’s guesstimated ~110ft (33m) of elevation per lap seems about right. The ascent / descent comes from a combination of:

  • run-ups with no chance of riding
  • one run/ride up depending on skills, course conditions.
  • cambered slight descents
  • fast, good surface climbs
  • one fast, good surface descent
  • a number of short, heavy, grass climbs – c. 10 seconds each.

The land is well-drained but like anywhere, when it gets wet, it gets sticky. That means that the fine stone on some of the hard-surfaces could get pulled into your bike if it’s muddy. Ride carefully – bike care strategy will come into play with the self-service COVID-19 special bike change area



We have ample parking for more vehicles than this event will ever need. But please pay attention to parking marshals and helpers. 

The event infrastructure for COVID-19 means that we do not want to take cash payment.  Your race entry fee includes £2.00 per ENTRANT (note – not per vehicle) for all-day parking.  This was ‘averaged’ from last year’s car park takings vs riders. Sorry if that seems unfair – we have to deal with a strange world since COVID-19 and online / streamlined payments are our only real option.

If you are planning on spectating, please register and pay for your vehicle here …

Pits Water

Due to COVID-19, and British Cycling’s assessment of the use of pits, there will no availability of pit / bike wash water. Please bring your own.  See FAQ page for more info on the bike change arrangements for 2020.


This year, and due to COVID-19, there will be no rider showers available at all at the event.  We hope you appreciate that showers would require cleaning after every user in the current COVID-19 world, and this is not at all practical or achievable. Bring the wet wipes and a bin liner to sit on. This is cyclo-cross. 

Overnight campers, caravans, tents

Competitor camping overnight on site is not permitted this year – we apologise.