Can you help out? Volunteers needed.

We have a mountain to climb.  We’re well past base camp and on the way up that mountain.  In fact, the breathing apparatus is close to being used.
Okay it’s probably not going to work to carry on with the mountain to climb analogy. 

But there’s lots to do and this year especially more to do, with an event layout not only concerned with the racing, but with the safe ‘flow’ of non-riders, too – in the car parks, at the trade and food areas. Not just help on the race days themselves either. The course and venue setup is a biggie.

So could you help the team at all?  We’re splitting things into ‘shifts’ and you will be catered for by Leivers and Co, who will give marshals and assistants food and drink on the Saturday and Sunday sessions. 

If you can help make this event set a good precedent for a challenging season, please fill in the form linked below.