2021 course enhancements building on 2020 and 2019 – the best yet?

With a venue like this there’s a lot to go at. The two years experience as a National Trophy event built upon a number of league events here, but we’re convinced that this is the best course yet.

And not only the course, it’s the little enhancements. There’s a lot to think about

  • Where you can hear the commentary best
  • Where to place the podium close to the finish but close to spectators
  • How to 80% riders 🙂
  • How to drown out the noise of (how we’ve missed the) Jet Washers
  • How to get the pits easily accessible by riders and helpers alike
  • How to move spectators around the course without them slipping all over banks (2020!!)
  • How to get fed and watered without being too far from the action

It all adds up into quite a headache, but we think we’ve come up with the best yet. But it’s not just the infrastructure – it’s the course. It can be wet, muddy, sunny, dry, dusty, or all of those in a weekend. We have the perfect mix of fast tracks, slow grinds (even in the dry), dismounts, and the great gridding / start / finish straight used last year.

Excited?  See the course here.