A little help and a big lift

Moving 350 crowd barriers into place and back again doesn’t just happen.  The course specification and guidelines for an event of this level are, as most of you will know, a bit more thorough than they may be for smaller league cyclocross events.   As part of that requirement, when you get down to the nitty gritty of things, there’s simply a lot of stuff to move about. 

Before you have even set up a Jetwash area, 72 metal barriers need moving into place for the pits, for example. Start and finish straights and rider gridding areas also require oodles of metal barriers. On top of the barriers, there’s going to be around 2km of debris netting, 700 wooden stakes, and around 300 plastic stakes. Lots of rope, too.  

We’re very proud and grateful for our support at the event from Cornthwaite Group – one of the largest John Deere dealer groups in the UK. With an outlet close to our venue, they have come forward in offering us the free use of a Telehandler for the days leading up to and after the event to lessen the impact of shifting around all this heavy gear.

Now employing over 100 staff and consistently selling over 600 new and used tractors each year in the UK and beyond as well as Groundcare products for the homeowner, Cornthwaite Group have grown considerably since their humble beginnings now having 5 outlets; located in Nantwich, Bispham Green, Kendal, Carlisle and Dumfries.

Go and give them some care on Insta or Facebook.  And you can ogle a wopping big Tractor at the race for free, too.